About Us

We are a software development company with a focus and expertise in building and developing digital identity, identity verification, and user data protection.

Our company was founded by university professors and engineers Miloš and Miroslav. Brought together by academic interests and knowledge, extensive research in the fields of biometric and blockchain technologies and business experience in developing large business IT systems, they developed Blinking.

Their idea came about from the conclusion that the current model of manually acquiring data and documents on physical premises or through insecure and unverified digital channels is flawed and outdated in our digital age.

People leave copies of their data and documents in the hands of each provider whose service they use. This model is insecure, prone to breach, identity theft, misuse of private data and is costly in terms of both the time and money from the individuals and organizations in order to be operated.

They came up with a solution for organizations which provides a reliable, secure, and simple way to confirm their users’ identity.

Designed to satisfy the needs of both individuals and organizations, Blinking platform offers a future-proof way of creating and adding new digital services that require identification, verification or certification of users.

As members of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and European Association for Biometrics, Miloš and Miroslav gathered and brought together a team of exceptional individuals with diverse skills and knowledge needed in creating a digital identity platform.

Our team is our first and most powerful product. We have intentionally invested in creating a team and working environment that is world class in any given software development field. Our founders and management team are impressive, but our team is brilliant. We love to talk about them and what they can do for you. So here it is again, our first and most powerful product.

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