Case study AIK Bank


In line with the digital transformation strategy, AIK Bank has set goals to fully expose a large number of its products and services, so far only available in the branch, to the online environment, without the need for physical customers to come to the Bank, automate processes and implement a system for video identification of their clients.

One of the challenges was to increase the customer base while reducing costs and optimizing business. Digitization of product catalogs and transfer to the online environment for all existing and future clients of the Bank.

In order to achieve the set goals, the AIK Bank team had to confirm the identity of its new clients online.

AIK Bank has performed KYC checks before, but as the system is digitized and the offer expands, they had to secure maximum trust and exclude potentially fraudulent customers, and provide new customers with an intuitive authentication system with the best user experience.



Faster client acquisition
than the existing standard model


Reducing the cost
of acquiring
new clients


To release
the project

AIK Bank is the FIRST DIGITAL BANK of the next generation
that offers a wide range of services and products to its clients online.


The client, in a simple way, without going to the branch, verify his identity and applies for various banking products – account opening, credit card, bank overdraft, cash loan or refinancing loan. The process is completely online, from checking the validity of the personal document, all the way to signing the contract documentation.

For the first time in Serbia, with the help of
Blinking Identify solution, advanced artificial intelligence technology was applied in automated validation of personal documents of citizens, ownership of documents through biometric characteristics and automatic process control when taking a service or product.


By entering the digitalization project with Blinkig, AIK Bank set 4 key criteria:

  1. Process optimization and digitization
  2. Significant reduction of time required for acquisition of new clients
  3. Reduction of internal costs
  4. Increasing the level of customer security when using their platform

With the help of the Bliking Identify platform, AIK Bank managed to:

  • Reduce procurement and KYC costs for new customers by 67%
  • Fully automates processes – from info bidding, data collection and processing, to payment and archiving, with credit policy checks and ratings
  • Creates the best bids – approves multiple bids in the request
  • Gets an intuitive user application – synchronization of 15+ process participants
  • Acquires 20+ business reports to create even better user access

For Clients this means that they are now registering:

In less
than 2 minutes, 80% faster

than before the integration with Blinking


for the complete video identification process


to refinance the loanfrom accepting the offer to signing the contract documents

all in one place

Opening account packageTwo accounts - debit & credit
Two debit cards eBanking & mBanking
Cash loan
Refinancing loan1st time in Serbia completely online
Credit cards
Bank overdraft
Saving products

No paperwork. No going to the branch. Completely online!

Bank resources
2 certified video operators
5 bankers in the digital branch of the Bank

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  • January
    Contract signed
  • February
    SoW documentation completed/ start the development process
  • May
    GO live

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