How did SoccerBet get to know each of its online players?




It’s time to take a short break and reflect on our cooperation with the renowned organizer of games of chance – SoccerBet.

As a leader among the organizers of games of chance, operating in more than 280 locations in Serbia, but with a strong focus on the online segment, the SoccerBet is particularly proud of the quality of its services, as well as its professional attitude towards its users.

We are proud to highlight the trust that Soccerbet has placed in us, recognizing us as a reliable partner for digital registration and player verification. Our cooperation started two years ago, and when we look back on that period, we feel great satisfaction because of the great results of our joint work. This partnership is not only a successful venture, but also a significant step forward in setting new standards for the players’ digital registration and verification process, as well as improving the user experience.

In particular, we would like to mention the importance of the feedback we received from colleagues from this company. Their suggestions are a valuable resource for improving our solution, which clearly indicates our common goal – improving the player experience and ensuring the integrity of games of chance.

Below you can read how our cooperation looks from the point of view of Luka Rašković, responsible for financial planning and analysis at SoccerBet.

What was the motivation to introduce the Blinking Identify service to your business?

Luka Rašković: It can be said that we were among the pioneers in our market who introduced a digital solution in the process of determining the identity of players. Of course, one of the first motives was the harmonization with legal regulations and modern standards in the field of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Also, very importantly, we recognized the legal provisions related to the prevention of underage betting and found a service that allows us such control in the online segment of business, with a pleasant user experience for players who are allowed to use our services.

After two years of using the service, what are your main impressions?

Luka Rašković: First of all, it is important to point out that an adequate software solution is one of the links in the chain of prevention of unwanted actions. The Blinking Identify solution is of exceptional quality, but the key is impeccable cooperation with the Blinking company team, with whom we have established a very clear and responsible business relationship, and with whom we work together every day to improve the process. Occasional challenges that arise are conquered in the shortest possible time by joint forces, which creates a special atmosphere of trust and the certainty that the other party will always be there for you in all circumstances. This was exactly the reason to establish cooperation in new markets where we have been present in the last two years as a service provider – in Montenegro and Republika Srpska.

What are the key features of the Blinking Identify system that make it stand out from the competition?

Luka Rašković: I would say that the greatest strength of the solution is flexibility. When introducing regulatory obligations in customer relations, it is very important to have your finger on the pulse of the customer and not deviate from a good user experience. Blinking Identify gave us great insight into the satisfaction of our users and allowed us to tailor the experience to specific requirements and situations, even continuously changing that experience and adapting it to the needs we see in the market. Practically, today this solution, in addition to fulfilling legal obligations, contributes to players entering less data and completing important tasks on our system faster, and with that, they achieve benefits that are greater than before. Blinking has achieved an excellent balance between artificial intelligence and the human factor, and it could be said that these two aspects complement each other very well in achieving results and establishing a high level of interaction, all with the goal of user satisfaction.

Today you say that Soccer knows each of its online players, what exactly does that mean?

Luka Rašković: When you provide a service via the Internet, one of the most important aspects is establishing a relationship with the user. We, as a socially responsible company, want to get to know our users, both for regulatory requirements and to ensure a high level of service and a more accurate reward system for our players. After more than a year of working with the Blinking team, we gained full confidence in their solutions and capabilities, we made the decision to verify every user of our platform together with them, and ending with the beginning of the new year 2024. I can already say that it was a very good decision. Our users have taken it very well and we now have everything we need to develop an intimate relationship with each user. As a result, the constant growth of the number of users, financial indicators and the number of games stands out. What is particularly important to us is that now our promotions and vouchers go into the right hands and campaigns are planned with a much greater degree of precision. Abuses have decreased drastically and today we fight it much more effectively.

What is new that can be expected in your cooperation with Blinking?

Luka Rašković: We already have automated processes during which, in addition to identity confirmation, checks are also carried out on various lists of interests prescribed by the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism. An important next step is to increase reliability in means of payment and payment accounts in order to prevent possible attempts of financial abuse. Blinking has developed an innovative technology for verifying the ownership and reliability of payment funds, as well as payment based on artificial intelligence, and we are currently in the pilot testing of this technology. The first results are extremely good. In addition, we are continuously listening to the market and upcoming regulations and together with the team from the Blinking company we are planning new improvements.