Single ID verification and user authentication solution.
Keep your users engaged and provide your service everywhere.

Verify is our identity verification and multi-factor authentication tool designed to increase the level of users’ trust and confidence in your services. Our robust digital identity management system serves the primary function to provide organizations with a tool to verify their user’s or customer’s identity each time they want to use a provided digital service using a multi-factor approach with biometric verification.

Because it is built around end-user experience and with privacy in mind alongside the enterprise (digital identity management system) system Blinking Verify features an end-user component – a digital wallet.

Benefits of relying on Blinking Verify for organizations:

A secure way for users to access your services

Perform identity verification

Multi-factor authentication

Biometric verification

Single-Sign-On functionality

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) relies on two or more ways of confirming a user’s identity. This is entirely configurable and depends on the business needs, but ideally combines something the user KNOWS (password or PIN), HAS (smart device), and IS (biometrics). Verify provides combinations of PIN, smart devices, and various biometric modalities in the form of fingerprint scan or face recognition, with the possibility of adding new ones. Service providers can tailor the specific user experience for each user and each digital service. You decide on the number of steps and modalities required as well as define distinct configurations for specific services.

Blinking Verify provides users with true ownership and a single point of control over their private data. They can manage their digital identity and personal data and documents from a secure wallet application or web interface.