Comprehensive solution for digital identification, users' data protection and private data storage.

Blinking is a robust digital identification system built with 'privacy by design' approach and principles. Based on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain architecture, Blinking is an overall digital identity solution. It is a private, permissioned and scalable blockchain. Our system features digital identity multi-factor authentication, authorization, as well as KYC process utility and secure, private user data storage.



We offer a secure and reliable digital onboarding experience for your customers. It features Liveness SDK developed to support Android, iOS and Web, and Face match server based on neural networks. Based on the latest achievements in biometrics, it applies state-of-the-art methods of machine learning and AI. Usual steps for digital onboarding or video KYC include taking a picture and performing an OCR check of an ID card, after which a liveness check is performed and finally face matching with a database server is performed.



Our video onboarding system is based on the Blinking architecture and technical capabilities, combining solutions from our products into a unique, secure and encrypted real-time remote video identification experience. User experience includes an AI verification of personal documents and a high-quality video session between the operator and business customer. System works on all mobile and desktop platforms (Web, Android SDK, iOS SDK) and includes OTP customer verification, session scheduling and timestamping functionalities as well as secure storage for recorded sessions. Number of parallel video sessions is only determined by your business needs and capabilities.



AUTH module provides businesses with a robust Digital Identity Management System. Its primary function is verification of users identities and authentication each time a user wants to use the business provided service.

Using AUTH, businesses provide their customers with a secure way to access their services.

Customers on the other hand have a secure and biometric consent mechanism to allow or revoke access to their private data or documents.

It provides them with knowledge of who, when, and why accessed or used their private data.



KYC utility tool for businesses and organizations. Its a customer onboarding and customer due diligence utility.

Blinking KYC depends on the establishment of a consortium. It provides network members with a secure and encrypted way of sharing digital identities and certain private information with users' consent. KYC requires only the initial validation of digital identities using AUTH module after which it provides customers with an easy way to use services provided by companies.



Blockchain-based Document Management System intended to help public and private institutions as well as individuals to store and exchange documents in a safe and secure environment.

It is a distributed solution that provides a single-source of truth between the parties involved while eliminating single-point-of-failure issue and the requirement to keep hard copies of sensitive documents.

Blinking DMS is fully compliant and provides technical compliance, with the most strict data protection regulation like the EU's GDPR, to public and private institutions.