Identity verification, authentication &
enhanced, secure data management.

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Identify - Seemless onboarding - Remote registration - SaaS solution - Liveness check - Document scan - Fraud detection Certify - User management platform - Enhanced due diligence - Access management - Document management system - Shared KYC platform - Regulatory compliance Verify - Digital identity wallet - Multi-factor authentication - Biometric verification - Single-Sign-On Capability - Secure user portfolio

Digital identity platform built with a “privacy by design” approach and principles.

It is a multi-platform software solution designed for the creation, confirmation, and management of users’ identities. Organizations relying on our platform receive a reliable, safe, and easy way of confirming their users’ identity, while their end-users retain ownership and control of their private data.

Based on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain architecture, cloud infrastructure and in-house developed biometric recognition algorithms, Blinking provides an overall digital identity solution. It is a private, permissioned and scalable blockchain featuring digital identity multi-factor authentication, authorization, as well as KYC process utility, and secure private data storage.

Our platform can connect private and public institutions in a common, shared, digital ecosystem for secure and private data and document exchange. It removes unnecessary, repetitive, and wasteful due diligence required from users each time they want to use a new offline or online service. Users, on the other hand, can easily, securely, and conveniently verify and share their identity information and rely on services remotely.


Identify is our standalone SaaS solution designed to enable remote customer onboarding or user registration. It offers a simple, secure, and efficient user experience of registering for a product or a service.

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Verify is our identity verification and multi-factor authentication tool designed to increase the level of trust between your services and your customers. It is a robust digital identity management system whose primary function is to provide organizations with a tool to verify their user’s or customer’s identities each time they want to use a provided digital service using a multi-factor approach with biometric verification.

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Certify is an identity management platform for organizations offering additional business advantages and benefits alongside Blinking Identify and Verify. It’s primarily developed for organizations and business networks looking to perform customer due diligence procedures and additional background checks as well as rely on secure storage for private customer information.

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Blinking platform offers a future-proofed way of handling customer data and the smoothest customer user experience, through a unique blend of efficiency and power.

  • You want to know your customers and verify their identity.
  • You want to enable more secure access to your services.
  • Yet, regulators are around the corner and the emphasis is at the same time on data privacy and security while knowing your customers.

Our ambitious and sophisticated approach builds on the notion of a single true digital identity. Organizations can use our platform to introduce users to an entire spectrum of services and offerings, without them investing any additional time on repetitive onboarding, verification, or due diligence procedures.

Some of the key benefits our solutions bring:

Provide a simple, easy, and intuitive onboarding experience

Reduce customer onboarding costs

Easily verify your customers online and offline

Comply with strict data protection regulations

Enable customers to move and keep playing between physical and digital spaces

Secure and protect your customers’ private data