Your trusted digital identity.

Most secure way of confirming your identity. Own your private data and choose whom you want to share with.

We create, connect and run trusted digital identity networks.

Blinking connects private and public institutions in a common, shared, digital ecosystem for secure and private data and document exchange.

We remove the unnecessary, repetitive and wasteful due diligence required from users each time they want to use a new offline or online service.

Consumers can easily, securely and conveniently verify and share their identity information and rely on services remotely.

How does it work?

1. Create your account

Add your personal info.

2. Secure your data

Create a PIN or a password and enroll one of the possible biometric modalities we offer.

3. Authorize access

Start using a service that relies on Blinking authentication and provide access to required data.

1. Register your business

Establish a consortium or join an existing consortium that utilizes Blinking Digital Identification system.

2. Onboard your customer

Offer your services to verified customers already using the Blinking platform or provide Blinking digital identity experience to your existing customers.

3. Provide your service

Start providing your service to verified customers. Secure your users’ private data.

Strong Customer Authentication

Something the user...

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