In pursuit of beauty: The impact of visual presentation of software solutions

Hi! Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Stevan Filipović, and I am the Front End Team Lead @ Blinking.

I have been working for more than 5 years as a web developer with a small share of participation in designing applications. 

How do you define beauty? The perfect combination of elements?

Beauty is frequently defined as a feature of items that pleases the aesthetic senses.

The ideal of beauty largely depends on the cultural context, and it often changes over time.

In the history of philosophy, the phenomenon of beauty has been interpreted in various ways. Plato understands beauty as a manifestation of goodness. “Forms are beautiful, the perfect being is beautiful, and among these forms, the form of good is the most beautiful.” 

According to Aristotle, the essence of beauty is in the order and symmetry of the parts of the whole. Aristotle considered beauty to reside in what is being observed and is defined by characteristics of the art object, such as symmetry, order, balance, and proportion. This theory was accepted and further developed by the Stoics as real beauty lies on the inside. Beauty isn’t something as shallow as a person’s looks, but can be acted out in everyday life

The reality we know, what we have experienced, what we experience and learn – is inseparable from our senses. Through them, we collect images, sounds, tastes and smells from the outside world and send them to our brain for processing. The brain then translates these signals into meaningful messages, based on which we create our own reality. That is why it should not be surprising when we say that humans are visual beings. 

Visualization provides us with the most powerful impression. With the help of colors, images, signs and frames, we create pictures in our mind to which we add our subjective perspective. This is why, in order to create a powerful story, a significant deal of strength resides in the perfect mix of those elements.

Tip of the iceberg 

All software solutions are assembled from independent entities, with aesthetics serving as the last piece of the jigsaw. Users see only the top of the iceberg with it, and what is not apparent beneath the surface is: employee dedication, diversity of thought, teamwork, and an important grasp of the business process for which software solutions are being developed.

Here at Blinking, we are developing a number of solutions with the ultimate objective of securing users’ identities in a variety of processes. The question of how to accomplish it in the most effective way while still making it easy and appealing to the user is constantly running through this concept.

This is when I enter the picture. Since I began working, I’ve followed Blinking’s technologies through the creation process, from the creation of an idea to the development of a system that, through many iterations, dealt with all of the obstacles and grew increasingly sophisticated. I admired what began as an idea and then evolved into a set of products that may be used by everyone on the planet in the years to come. But there is one thing that has always bugged me.

What if others don’t realize how good our products are?!

This question has increasingly guided me towards my role – FrontEnd Developer.

As a team lead, I work with my colleagues to present the fantastic products we develop in the best possible light, and to make the most of every functionality. With this approach, we earn the client’s initial trust, which we then justify with a series of provided solutions.

The technologies that allow me to create such content, with a brief overview of its features are shown below:

By combining the above mentioned technologies, it enables the integration of all parts of the system into one whole, which represents the path between the user and the end system. That is why it is necessary to strive for the best possible presentation, so that the process that the user goes through leaves the impression of a pleasant journey after which he reached his final goal.

How to match a client’s idea?

In this line of business, it is frequently difficult to convey what the client has envisioned, as well as the adjustments he desires, since the product has already been built. In the process, we initially focus on comprehending the new requirements, followed by an analysis to determine whether it is in their best interests. It has frequently been demonstrated that it is preferable to look at the large picture together, and via our creative process, we arrive at the best visual link between the system and the client’s idea of how he wants to portray it. With this strategy, we not only optimize our time, but we also supply the clients with solutions that best match their demands and take full advantage of our system. 

Inner beauty, in my opinion, is more vital than external beauty. I seek to demonstrate the worth of inner beauty via aesthetics and the entire creative process. That’s what I think I’m focusing on – providing inner beauty a fair go 🙂

My recommendation for Front End development 

Front end development might be demanding, but with practice, you can become an expert. Solving a variety of tasks that improve your abilities and portfolio is an excellent method to hone your front-end talents. Some recommendation are below:

There are many good tools and a vast developer community available to assist you gently overcome all of your difficulties and become a better developer. Continue to experiment and develop your skills.