SaaS ID solution built to drastically reduce your drop-offs and help you onboard more customers.

Customers want a reliable, secure, fast, and simple solution that’s always available on the go. Identify is a Web-based solution for this very reason. It provides a hassle-free experience that’s fast, intuitive, and straightforward enough to make sure your customers actually complete the onboarding process.

With Identify we wanted to raise the bar by providing a SaaS solution designed to enable a fully remote customer onboarding or user registration. It provides essential tools to introduce new customers to your service while preventing fraud and identity theft.

Our approach combines different steps in an onboarding process depending on your business and regulatory framework requirements. The essential steps in our designed flow are official document acquisition and validation and biometric recognition and liveness verification but there are other for more detailed checks which could be introduced.


OCR scan of official ID documents which utilizes advanced digital tools and machine learning techniques to verify the validity of the document.


Taking a selfie photograph in order to acquire the biometric markers and perform a liveness check and cross-matching with the picture from the official document.


Official utility bill upload for address verification.


Contact data input for additional background checks through blacklists and negative media coverage.


Enhanced due diligence through the acquisition of other relevant documents in relation to financial capabilities such as proof of income, bank account information, etc.


We also offer an additional step in onboarding flow which includes a unique, secure, and encrypted real-time remote video identification experience. User experience can include a high-quality live video session between the agent and the customer. It works flawlessly on mobile and desktop platforms as a Web application designed for both.

Some special functions it can include are OTP customer verification, session scheduling, and timestamping functionalities as well as secure storage for recorded sessions. The number of parallel video sessions is only determined by your business needs and capabilities.