Protect your patients’ medical records

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Healthcare is going through digital transformation. Digitization of medical records is essential for securing and protecting this sensitive type of private information from unauthorized access and use. Many challenges that the healthcare industry is faced with became more evident during the pandemic. Moving away from legacy systems and embracing new technologies in healthcare is the foundation of better handling of medical records and provision of new, digital and remote healthcare services.

The Healthcare industry is in a great position, unburdened by many different technology layers like in the case of some other industries. In creating the new security architecture for the coming wave of digitally provided healthcare services, digital identity and online identity verification are the foundation.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Our solutions bring numerous functionalities the healthcare industry could benefit from, both in terms of regulatory compliance regarding private data and providing more efficient services to patients. From onboarding new customers to digitally provided healthcare services, connecting digital ID and medical records to securely accessing them, we can cover your security and data privacy needs.

Blinking provides patients with insight into the usage of their private medical data and with a consent mechanism to provide or revoke access to data. By embracing our approach and relying on Blinking you can be sure that patients’ data is encrypted, secured, and belongs only to the actual patient. Our platform provides a clear audit trail (log) of inputs by multiple sources, ensuring that data is not manipulated or corrupted.

Industry-specific benefits:

  • Online prescriptions
  • Teleconsultations
  • Medical devices secure communication
  • Cross-border data transfer
  • Secure document sharing