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Simplify the onboarding procedure for your clients

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Provide a truly digital onboarding experience for your clients. Abandon the outdated model of manually acquiring data and documents at branches or through insecure digital channels. Remote onboarding isn’t the future, it’s present. With more and more of your clients online, secure online identity verification is essential.

Blinking Identify provides a smooth and easy onboarding process that can be performed entirely remotely. From basic to more advanced and even in-depth checks, preventing online identity theft and fraud has never been easier. Using our unique approach that combines in-house developed biometric recognition algorithms and machine learning techniques our overall identity solution ensures your financial services are secure. Our technical solution covers all the essential steps from ensuring document verification to client identification and identity verification.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations no longer require physical verification, costly in terms of both time and money. Complying with these financial regulations has never been easier, with automated tools to acquire and verify data and documents or screen new customers for watchlists, sanctions, or PEPs. You can even go further by relying on our remote, encrypted video link between your agent and customer for additional checks.

All our solutions are built according to the privacy-by-design principle from the ground up. Making data protection and privacy our number one priority led us to design our solutions to be future-proof when it comes to strict data protection regulations. We ensure technical compliance to GDPR by using a custom-built data infrastructure based on secure blockchain technology.

Lead the digital transformation

Online identity verification is just the beginning. Achieving full digital transformation and keeping pace with new technologies and new players in the market providing fast and instant financial services isn’t an easy task.

That’s where we come in. Blinking platform enables financial institutions to fully digitize their services and create and offer new ones with partners by providing a single digital identity. We have established, industry-based procedures and flows but we also provide custom-made solutions tailored to your specific business needs.