Comprehensive solution
for data protection
& security

Blinking has three main components Blinking AUTH module, Blinking KYC module and Blinking GDPR module. These components can be used separately or as a complete solution based on your business’ needs.

AUTH module

Create digital

Customers can manage their digital identity and store all their personal information by creating their own Blinking ID. They have complete ownership and control over their private data.


Users can use Blinking with any connected service and authorize or revoke access to their data. They can keep track of all activity regarding their data in the internal log.

KYC module

Blinking ID

Blinking also features a KYC tool that operates on blockchain and Blinking’s basic architecture. Businesses that use the KYC tool take part in a trusted consortium and can issue clients with their Blinking ID.

Blinking ID

Using the Blinking app, users can import their issued Blinking ID and provide it upon request to any other connected service for KYC purposes. The structure of Blinking ID is agreed upon within the consortium and usually consists of the user’s first name, surname, address, country, ID number, and type of verified ID (passport, driver’s licence etc.).

GDPR module


Blinking complies with the GDPR and can help businesses achieve full compliance. Businesses can store personal user data within Blinking’s blockchain-based architecture.

Data ownership
& storage

Users can control their personal data using their dashboard, while businesses have out-of-the-box GDPR compliant approach. Because it uses blockchain to protect & secure data, Blinking decreases storage needs and operational costs for businesses.