System for secure document storage and exchange.

Our DMS solution is a custom-built solution for storing, managing, tracking and exchanging documents based on private blockchain technology.

We created DMS as a proprietary system for Blinking KYC, however it can be used as a standalone solution. Blinking DMS can cover all document management needs for a single business entity, but was primarily built to work as an extension for a digital identity where its capabilities provide additional benefits.

Since DMS is blockchain-based, tempering with the stored documents is made impossible without the knowledge of other members of the blockchain network. Blinking DMS increases trust within a network because it provides a single-source of truth between the participants involved, while eliminating the single-point-of-failure issue.

Documents as digital identity extension and additional validation.

DMS gives service providers the option to create custom document schemes required for a specific business need. Additionally, it also allows creation, tracking and revision of different scheme/document versions.

As an extension to the customers' digital identity, it can be used as an additional layer of verification for the KYC purposes. Using the consent mechanism, customers are able to control access to one or more documents as well as to only certain parts of their document. They can provide view to only one particular data information. Additionally, customers are able to define custom number of accesses as well as access time duration.

DMS follows the same logic used in developing other parts of our system. It is fully configurable and customizable to specific business case.