Your first contact

with the customer

should not be your last.

Onboarding new users is only the first step in the interaction between a service or a product, albeit the most important one.

That is why businesses want this step to be done right. There shouldn't be a sacrifice between user experience, security and data regulation.

Blinking offers a fully configurable onboarding experience for your service. Businesses can define the structure of digital identity they require for customers, configure checks and authentication modalities.

Customize your customers' experience.

We know that the customer onboarding flow depends on the business needs, which is why we made it fully configurable.

Whether as a standalone business solution or as a customer onboarding solution for a consortium, we can tailor the experience to your specific business model.

It can include everything from on-premise to remote verification, more simple to more complex mechanisms of authentication, with or without the utilization of biometrics, with or without additional checks required for KYC / AML / FATCA compliance and with or without an accompanying document management system.

All components of Blinking system have clients that support all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).

Security of your customers' private data is our concern.

We take data privacy seriously which is one of the reasons why we created Blinking. Both the service providers and their customers can rest easy knowing that private data is secure.

One of the reasons why we rely on the private blockchain infrastructure is to enable the control of private data by the customer.

All the private data including the biometric data that is acquired from the users is obfuscated, anonymized and encrypted in a private container that can be located either in the server provided by the service, cloud solution operated by a consortium or Blinking’s server and this is all configurable. Additionally, only the user, who is the owner of his own private data, is the one who is in control of the access, and neither Blinking nor a service can access that data in any scenario. User is the one who initiates decentralized decryption of data.