Consent mechanism gives customers control over their data.

Customers should always have at their disposal a simple tool to provide or revoke access to their private information. As one of the components of Blinking AUTH, our consent mechanism provides them with just that.

Customers authorize the use of their private data by the services. They can at any moment prevent a service from further accessing their data, revoking previously given access and even removing data if necessary and possible within the regulatory arrangements. The same logic applies to biometric data they might have added and used for authentication purposes or documentation in the case of DMS.

Approve/Revoke access across a spectrum of services.

We created the consent mechanism and intended for it to be used as part of our AUTH module together with the MFA component.

Consent mechanism shines in a consortium-based model where a customer has the option to freely travel across the spectrum of various services provided by businesses, choosing those that he really needs and easily revoking access to those services he stops using.

This component is particularly useful with the KYC module where a customer can always control the level of access to his private data for a single service as well as for any others he provided his information to.

Consent mechanism can also rely on biometrics for additional or explicit confirmation of access.