Connect your services and provide them anytime and anywhere.
Perform enhanced due diligence and background checks.

Different businesses require different eligibility checks from their users or customers in order to provide a service. Heavy government regulation is hitting various industries that involve monetary transactions. Usually, customers are asked to provide official or certified documents.

We help you and your business partners to remove the burden of repeating the same due diligence processes from your customers each time they want to rely on a new service. Certify is also a user data storage of new generation entirely in line with the GDPR and other strict data regulations.

Blinking Certify is an identity management platform for organizations offering additional business advantages and benefits beyond Blinking Identify and Verify. It’s primarily developed for organizations and business networks looking to perform customer due diligence procedures and additional background checks.

Using Certify organizations can issue requests for particular documents or a piece of data they require their customers in order to provide a service, while the customers can provide access with just a click away and verify it using biometric authentication. Certify enables your customers to take advantage of already provided and existing data and documents about them in order to rely on some other service you or your partner organization provides.

This solution provides users with an immutable log of who, why, and when accessed or in which way they used their private data and documents. It can be deployed as either an Online Cloud, Private Cloud, or an On-Premise solution. Certify is the foundation of providing true customer mobility.

Blinking Certify benefits for organizations:

Know Your Customer (KYC) utility

Anti Money Laundering (AML) screening tool for FATCA and PEP checks

User Provisioning

Document Management System

Document Verification System

GDPR and PSD2 Regulatory Compliance

A cost-efficient way of performing background checks