Our new client, RFID-GOLD, a leader in digital cryptocurrency gold, pushed to automate customer onboarding process by using Blinking’s biometric verification platform powered by AI.  

RFID-GOLD is a digitisation of investment grade gold tagged with RFID technology that offers a secure, decentralized and value-based alternative to a store of wealth for any individual in the form of a globally recognised precious metal, without prejudice and free from the confines of traditional storage and banking fees.

RFID-GOLD is a natural bridge between the crypto and physical gold world as an Initial Coin Offering to become a digital stablecoin pegged to verifiable physical investment-grade gold, allowing holders to invest in this precious metal leveraging on blockchain technology whilst being able to view the actual gold bars in real-time live stream. Using this technology, the gold bars are safely stored in a former Swiss military bunker and securely registered using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) verification technology.

As a digital platform, the RFID-GOLD needed a solution for secure and frictionless clients onboarding. At Blinking data security and safety come first, in addition our processes are intuitive, seamless and frictionless and user friendly. Their quest for a secure identification platform for onboarding new clients and verifying their identities is met by our cutting-edge solution. RFID-GOLD has recognized Blinking Identify as an excellent platform for automated ID verification processes.

Our cooperation is based on customer involvement through the Blinking Identify SaaS platform,  which allows customers to easily and quickly verify their identity, while having a seamless and pleasant experience.

We would like to welcome our new partner and ultimately increase security and safety for all of their future clients with a safe identity verification solution. 

Commercial Passport introduces innovations into its identification and verification system powered by the Blinking Identify platform. 

The company’s services offer a secure repository and sharing platform for counterparty client due diligence and compliance processes, enabling a clear chain of custody for KYC documents through blockchain technology.

Commercial Passport platform delivers what risk and compliance departments need in terms of true certification for documents that comply with KYC regulations. With a high focus on output format for users. Most competitors don’t understand the fear for financial institutions isn’t just regulations, it’s also cultural. When we remove the fear of not being in compliance we un-cuff them from their paper-based process and free them to use our digital tools.

The company offers application support in the due diligence process for businesses all over the world. They are a go-to place to find out who your business partners are. Their advanced KYC software solution is used to automatically create a company’s portfolio – a Commercial Passport. Their growth path signaled the need for the frictionless yet robust partner in remote verification and identification field and Blinking came as the enabler of a simple process which delivers instant results. 

Previously, clients had to physically bring their documents for further clearance. Now clients receive a link from Commercial Passport to confirm their identity. Blinking Identity helps to overcome the physical barrier between the Commercial Passport HQ and clients. Now, it is possible to confirm the identity of various stakeholders in business systems online in just a few steps.

Commercial Passport cares about the security of its customers’ data and strives for a safe and secure platform to verify their identities. In addition, the Blinking Identify platform brings them the best user experience. 

Project was launched by the World Bank in March 2020 and is funded by the European Union under the Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Program (WB EDIF), and is being implemented with the support of consulting firm Deloitte.

Eleven finalist companies, along with over 200 other participating companies from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Serbia, have previously been part of a multi-month training program aimed to support companies in further business growth and development, and which aimed to increase their ability to attract investment and resilience to the crisis due to COVID-19.

Among the investors who were members of the jury at the final event were, among others, recognized regional Venture Capital companies such as J&T Ventures, Phil Rouge Capital, South Central Ventures, Meritus Investments Ltd, Prosperus Invest, Day One Capital, Gap Minder VC, Seedstar URU Capital and others.

According to the jury, the three most successful companies were presented with the “Western Balkans Entrepreneurship Award”, and tailored business advisory support from local and regional experts from the world’s leading professional services company Deloitte. The third place was secured by the company “Blinking”, also from Serbia, which is involved in the creation of digital solutions for Digital Identity, Identity Verification and user data protection. 

Our COO Milos Milovanovic, who has played an active role since the beginning of the program, would like to share with us what this program brings to companies and what significance it will have in the further development of our company: 

“The development of a company is a challenging job and no matter how much energy you invest in education, there are always unexplored corners of that business that can sometimes greatly affect the fate of a company. Such specific knowledge can usually only be found in people who have already gone through that journey or in consulting companies that have gone through that journey with them. That is why this experience is very important and has helped a lot to overcome the everyday challenges that this job brings. It is also important to point out the connection effect that arises from participating in such programs with companies from the region that are on the same path.

Based on what we have learned, we will be able to better position ourselves on the market and to plan the development and release of our new products.”

Source: https://www.bizlife.rs/finale-powerup-programa-za-podrsku-kompanijama-sa-podrucja-zapadnog-balkana/

Data collection and protection have been a hot topic in the public domain for months, not only because of frequent hacker attacks on companies, also because pandemic brought “forced digitization” and companies had to speed up and improve these processes in order to keep up, develop their businesses and furthermore take it to the next level. A similar conclusion was reached four years ago by two IT experts who believed that the model of manual collection of data and documents at physical locations or through insecure and unverified digital channels was outdated and unsafe. That’s why they founded Blinking, a software company which develops solutions for digital identity, identity verification and user data protection. One of the founders of this company, Miloš Milovanović, explains how the Blinking platform actually works and how it can improve the state of the economy.

Has the pandemic made any significant changes to the way large companies operate?

Miloš Milovanović: It has influenced the acceleration of some existing trends, one such is the digitalization progression. Over the past decade, business organizations have invested in increasing the number of their branches, and now they are mainly investing in improving their digital services. 

Because of that fact, banks, insurance companies, telecom operators, even bookmakers, are not chosen on the basis of location or courtesy of employees, but on the basis of affordability, diversity of offered solutions and the possibility of accessing their content online.

Successful organizations are already strategically using digital technologies to automate their processes, creating new services and values for customers who want their service and product to be available 24/7. They are innovation oriented, agile and adapt their organizational structures according to the needs of their clients.

Take the banks as an example, a survey conducted by Deloitte Central Europe 2020, included 318 banks in 39 countries, shows that as many as 60% of banks shortened their working hours during the pandemic or were forced to temporarily close their branches. On the other hand, there were those who saw the potential for the business development and quickly adapted to the new rules of the market – they implemented complete digital processes. As many as 34% of banks have introduced account opening through digital channels, and 23% of them have gone a step further and enabled the identification and verification of their customers remotely.

Some of the companies did this transformation with the help of similar software solutions…

Miloš Milovanović: Numerous innovations in this business area were created thanks to fintech companies like Blinking, which bridges the gap between today’s client and yesterday’s system with physical counters. No matter how complex the process of acquiring a product or service, in example lending or refinancing loans with banks, our technology allows the process to be completed online, without physical presence. This is both time and budget savvy for the companies that use this kind of software solution.  

For example, our Blinking Identify solution changes the rules in all industries that need to identify and verify their customers online. Companies that rely on our platform get a reliable, secure and easy way to verify the identity of their users, while their clients retain ownership and control over their own private data, which is extremely important in times of great insecurity. 

Data security is imperative in the modern world. Blinking being aware of that fact enables its clients to get their products, services, contracts and offers to their end users online, through a process approved by the National Bank of Serbia, with the highest security standards and the best user experience. This is what end clients want, for the same reason as companies – time and money optimization. 

Who are your clients?

Miloš Milovanović: Financial institutions (banks, insurance companies), telecommunication companies, iGambling companies and all those organizations that need to identify their clients remotely and open new digital channels of communication with their clients, to make it easier for the clients get services and significantly reduce costs of client acquiring .

AIK Bank, for example, is the first bank in our market that, with the help of our technology, has enabled its customers to access most of its products online, without physical presence in the bank. For the first time, we have applied advanced artificial intelligence technology in the automated verification of citizens’ documents, document ownership and automatic process control when getting a service or product. In addition to security and functionality, it is important to point out that this technology is available to everyone who owns a mobile phone or computer. It is easy to use, intuitive and does not require clients to have prior technical knowledge.

What is your product’s advantage and why does it stand out from the crowd?

Milos Milovanovic: For a start, fast system integration. We offer companies the opportunity to design and adapt the product to their clients needs. We also offer them subsequent adaptability of the system in accordance with the client’s inputs, after the product has already been deployed. In addition, the key advantage of the Blinking system is software that allows you to define products and services, and go live with the product in a couple of weeks. 

Our competition is predominantly in large western markets, they offer segments of technology that are present in our solutions, not a turnkey system like ours. It is a great advantage that in a relatively small market such as Serbia, there is a technology that is accessible to systems and can significantly contribute to digital transformation.

In your opinion, what awaits us in the future when it comes to the development of digital identity – to which extent can this area develop and how will its development affect our everyday lives?

Miloš Milovanović: Our clients are the flagships in their industries and we, through cooperation with them, develop and improve our offer and services. A few weeks ago, we launched a project that was the result of cooperation with AIK Bank, where with the help of our technology it is possible that a large number of services provided only in the bank branches can now be done completely remotely. Perhaps it is best that Bojan Pavlović, director of the direct channels sector of AIK Bank, say more about that.

Bojan Pavlović: In accordance with the digital transformation strategy, AIK Bank together with partners, Blinking being one of the most significant, has implemented a project that exhibits a large number of products, until now available only in the branch, entirely online, without the need for customers to come physically to the Bank. This would not have been possible without the process automation and implementation of the video identification system, which Blinking has implemented for AIK Bank.

However, that is just the beginning. The next step is that, since we already have a rich online offer for retail clients, we are also investing in the digitalization of the process for our corporate clients. We are also expecting the implementation of qualified certificates in the cloud environment and improvements in the field of electronic signing, then projects within data analytics, etc. In all these processes, we see Blinking as a reliable partner who, with his knowledge and innovation, can contribute to the further improvement of AIK Bank’s operations.

Source: https://bif.rs/2021/06/kako-verifikacija-digitalnog-identiteta-i-zastita-korisnickih-podataka-mogu-da-unaprede-vase-poslovanje/

To ensure long-term compliance, many organizations face the challenge of implementing privacy in their organizational processes.

Across industries, we recognize our clients’ growing demand to insure long-term sustainable privacy practices. The integration of privacy is predominantly triggered by regulatory enforcement, social responsibility and customer satisfaction. As a mean of achieving this ambition, ISO 27701 has been released in 2019 as an extension to ISO 27001 to insure specific privacy considerations as part of the privacy information management system (PIMS). ISO 27701 insures a way of structuring, monitoring and information processing and storing at the organization.

Employing these standards brings significant benefits for our clients, said our CTO, Miroslav Minovic. He further explains that our customer satisfaction and trust is improved since privacy processes and measures are defined, resulting in more consistent quality and privacy. He points out that definition and optimization of privacy processes results in reduced costs and fewer privacy complaints. Moreover, ISO 27701 can support organizations with demonstrating compliance through its evidence-based privacy program to regulators and other stakeholders, he concluded.

This said, we are proud to announce that Blinking is officially presented with ISO 27701 certificate. This, alongside with the renewed ISO 27001 and 9001 certificates, builds trust in managing personal information which enables full trust in Blinking as a certified company for privacy data management. Among others industries that will benefit most from this approach, Banking, Telecommunications and Insurance industries are on top of the list.

Alongside ISO 27701 we are proud owners of two more ISO certificates:

Certificates were awarded by the leading international company for certification, verification, and validation of products and systems, CIS – Certification & Information Security Services GmbH.

We are pleased to announce the partnership with GGM UK Ltd, a focused CBD product development and distribution company that employs patented delivery technologies to finished products.

GG Moods has successfully launched its first range and is continuously expanding production capacity and the sales network through multiple channels and agreements with Corporate and Independent partners.

GG Moods is engaged in producing internally formulated and “nano-enhanced” cannabis product lines enhanced by scientists engaged in engineering formula behind it and with proven records in scientific research background.

How did the “Blinking – GG moods” story begin?

GG Moods has professional sales partners around the world. During the registration process, the partner enters personal information.
However, GG MOODS went the extra mile and looked for a seamless and secure identity verification solution for their agents and recognized Blinking as a reliable partner in this process. GG MOODS partners can validate their identity documents by simply taking a scan of official ID followed by a selfie photograph to complete two steps verification process.
After that, the data is extracted by using OCR and compared to data entered by the partner and with that step, verification is completed.

We are pleased to have this opportunity to expand our business into a new industry area and that our clients recognize the importance of digital verification in order to scale and comply with regulations detecting and preventing identity fraud. We are delighted to provide this service to compliment their digital approach to operate their business model efficiently.

Victory.rs brings a new and victorious way of betting together with Blinking, an innovative information technology company developing digital identity and customer onboarding solutions.

Victory has taken a visionary approach to modernize the gaming experience, bringing its success and credibility from the international to the Serbian market by believing in our experts, regulations and economy. The growing clients presence in the online environment is the driving force behind the development of a modern network platform and as a new player in the market, Victory is fully focused on user needs and improved betting experience.

Researching the needs of the market, Victory concluded that customers want reliable, secure, fast and simple solutions that are always available on the go. In this respect, Victory recognized Blinking as a company that offers modern solutions in this field. It provides a hassle-free experience that is fast, intuitive, and straightforward enough to make sure your customers complete the onboarding process.

What are the steps in the process of identification and validation?

  1. OCR scan of official ID documents which utilizes advanced digital tools and machine learning techniques to verify the validity of the document.
  2. Address verification
  3. Taking a selfie photograph to acquire the biometric markers and perform a liveness check and cross-matching with the picture from the official document.
  4. Proof of bank account information

“Understanding and knowing the market is the key to the success of any business.”, said Nikola Peric, founder and CEO of Victory. “Victory’s emphasis is on the stability and security of the platform, our partner Blinking enables us with those services. Blinking brought together the highest quality people from the Serbian IT sector who have created a platform that enables a flawless user experience and innovative and super-fast registration.”

Victory has recognized the importance of safety and data protection and stresses that obeying the law is the only right option. We are looking forward to building a successful working relationship in the years to come.