Blinking & Dunav osiguranje transforming a user experience




It is our great pleasure to announce the beginning of cooperation with Dunav osiguranje, a leader in the Serbian insurance market.

Dunav osiguranje is a synonym for insurance and the largest Serbian brand in the insurance industry. The vision of the company with a long tradition is to continuously build and improve brand recognition on the insurance market, having clients’ satisfaction as their primary goal.

Dunav osiguranje provides clients with a wide range of services, with an outstanding user experience both in its offices and branches throughout the country, as well as in online mode, and its long-adopted slogan “A friend remains a friend” represents a true promise and guarantee to clients.

The development of online services is significant for the company because of customers who are inclined towards digital communication channels. Continuous improvement and improvement of those channels enables companies not only to maintain a leadership position, but also to stand out in the market. Therefore, Dunav osiguranje recognized Blinking as a partner in the field of providing digital services and improving the user experience.

The Blinking Identify solution enables companies to confirm and verify  client’s identity completely online, creating a superior user experience and enhancing the digital service offering. One of the key parts of that system is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and verification validity of personal documents based on artificial intelligence technology (AI technology). With the help of mentioned functionalities, the process of collecting client data is simplified and automated, through the simple photographing of personal documents: ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration cards..

– The result of the cooperation with Blinking is the application of the Blinking Identify solution within our service “Casco collision“, which enables natural persons to protect themselves and exercise the right to compensation for damage to the vehicle in the event that they are partially or fully responsible for the collision – explains Nebojša Veličković, director of the IT function at Dunav osiguranje. – That policy is concluded very simply, in just a few minutes through the Dunav osiguranje portal and through the integration of the Blinking Identify solution, an automatic search of data from the vehicle license is enabled. The user of our service has the option to provide the company with all the data from the traffic license, in addition to manually filling out the form, taking a photo. The process is fast and efficient, and all data is extracted from the document with just one click – Veličković points out.

Such an approach has multiple benefits, among which stand out:

  • Automated process
  • Reduced possibility of error
  • Improved user experience
  • Saving time


This service is not limited to “Casco collision”, but can also be used within other services of insurance companies, such as travel health insurance, comprehensive insurance, updating the user’s portfolio and in all cases that involve reading documents.

We are glad that the leader in the insurance industry recognized us as a reliable partner for the digital management of identification data (digital onboarding). The integration of the Blinking Identify solution enables the Dunav osiguranje to improve the offer of digital services and provide customers with a flawless experience – says Miloš Milovanović, co-founder and COO at  Blinking, adding that he believes that this is just the beginning of a successful cooperation.