Ananas selects Blinking to power up their e-commerce platform with identity verification of their vendors

Blinking announces the beginning of the strategic partnership with Ananas. Ananas is an e-commerce startup, founded by Delta Holding, which connects shoppers and merchants on a reliable e-commerce platform. The main differentiating characteristics of the platform are: variety of goods, cooperation with the biggest suppliers and superior customer experience. Apart from mentioned, a 100 million euros investment is planned over the next 5 years to roll out their growth plans. 

To stay ahead of the competition in today’s competitive e-commerce ecosystem, Ananas decides to present their merchants with the very best user experience and implement the Blinking Identify onboarding process.   

By Blinking Identify employment on Ananas e-commerce platform all merchants will be identified and verified with their biometric IDs bringing the customers next level security and to the merchants seamless way to register on platform in just minutes.  By doing so Ananas wants to add another layer of verification of their merchants, securing their reliability by establishing the identity of the vendor’s representative on their platform. This is the new step in e-commerce development and security protocol. With the autofill function, which prefills any form by extracting data directly from the user’s ID, the whole experience is even faster and smoother than ever before. 

Introducing identity verification for secure merchant onboarding Ananas will deliver all its customers a secure e-commerce shopping platform with reliable merchants. Blinking Identify platform will remotely verify their merchants securely and simplify KYC requirements and the onboarding journey. With superior technology and innovation, shopping through Ananas will become synonymous for simplicity, reliability and affordability.

Ananas plans to expand its business journey beyond Serbia and Western Balkans region, to  Croatia and Slovenia. Blinking plans to provide strong support to Ananas’s plans as we have already established our business in this region – says Milos Milovanovic, COO at Blinking. He further explains that Blinking is already recognized as a leader in the identity verification field in this region, which will ensure that customers who make their purchases on Ananas e-commerce platform will do so from legitimate merchants and not a fraudster. This also supports Ananas’ mission to place a customer in the focus of their business operations.