We are a software development company with desire and decision to tackle the problem of digital identity - creation, validation, verification, management and storing of private data information.

Our mission is to create an innovative, efficient and practical software product that addresses the key problems with the current model of user identification online for both the organizations and users.

Blinking was founded by university professors of IT with academic knowledge of IT systems and biometric technology, strong research experience and business acuity in order to create a product robust enough to satisfy the needs of business subjects while strongly being led by "privacy by design" principles.

As members of IEEE and EAB, Miloš and Miroslav gathered a team and brought together exceptional individuals with diverse skills and knowledge needed in creating Blinking.


Miloš Milovanović, PhD is an entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Belgrade. He is a multiple award winning scientist in the area of information technology. Miloš authored more than a 100 highly regarded journal and conference papers and is a long-standing member of ACM and IEEE Society. He authored one of the most innovative biometric human gait recognition systems based on structured lighting.

Currently, he is a Head of Innovation center for information and communication technology development at the University of Belgrade.

Miroslav Minović is an associate professor at the University of Belgrade in Serbia, Department of Information Technology and Head of Laboratory for Multimedia Communications. He obtained his PhD in Information systems and technology. He is teaching subjects such as computer networks and distributed systems.

He published journals and papers on the topic of multimedia, HCI, distributed systems and biometric technologies. He is a member of ACM and IEEE Societies and National contact point for Serbia of European Association for Biometrics. He served as a guest editor for the International Journal of engineering education. He participated in a lot of commercial projects utilizing actual information technologies and developing a broad range of informational systems and solutions.

… and 20 more exceptional team members